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Dashboard warning lights

Advanced Diagnosis of Airbag Lights, Engine Lights, ABS Lights.

It's never a good time to see a warning light on your dashboard. We're here to take the worry out of warning lights. Call Station Garage Liphook, and we can arrange an appointment for one of our technicians to plug our diagnostic equipment in to your vehicle and carry out engine diagnostics at a very competitive price.

Airbag lights

An airbag light that looks like this or says SRS should NEVER come on unless there is a fault in your car air bag system (supplemental restraint or SRS). If you have this airbag light on call us on 01428 722663 FROM A MOBILE to arrange an appointment fo a diagnostic check.

Due to the increased level of sophistication of the computer controlled engine management system, the days of home fault finding are long gone. The average motorist cannot afford the specialist equipment needed to diagnose the, engine light, car airbags, or abs system.

Most people don't realize they have a problem until the car fails it's MOT, the engine warning light comes on or the car starts to run badly. That is the time to give us a call, we will book you in and diagnose the problem causing the warning light, and explain exactly what has failed.


Engine warning light

An illuminated engine warning light means your vehicle has detected a possible emissions fault. The computer will have logged one or more diagnostic trouble codes that correspond to the problem and illuminated the warning lamp to alert you to the problem.

At Station Garage Liphook we can communicate with your car's On Board Diagnostic System, locate the problem causing the engine light, abs light or airbag light, and reset any dashboard lights.

We specialize in diagnosing and fixing problems with BMW, Peugeot, Citroen, Vauxhall and many other cars warning light problems that can trigger a warning light on the dashboard.

Diagnostic equipment

The diagnostic connector is usually under the dashboard on the driver side but can be in the area of the gearstick or in the glove-box. The connector is used for all dashboard lights including the car airbag light, abs light and engine light. Therefore we at Station Garage only need to connect once to communicate with the vehicles airbags system, engine control module and the ABS braking system

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