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How to Check And Top-Up Your Oil In Six Easy Steps

Step 1

With the handbrake on and your vehicle on a level surface(most important), switch the engine off. Allow five minutes after the engine switch-off for all engine oil to return to the sump.

Step 2

Locate and withdraw the dipstick and wipe clean with an old cloth or rag. Re-insert the dipstick to its fullest extent.

Step 3

Withdraw the dipstick again and then check to see where the oil is between the minimum and maximum markers on the dipstick(The difference between the minimum and maximum levels can represent up to a litre of oil - so it's worth having at least a litre "top-up" pack of oil on hand)

Step 4

If the oil level is low, remove the oil filler cap and top up. Overfilling with oil can also be dangerous for the engine, so only add a little at a time, ideally using a jug or funnel to avoid spillage. If you do spill any oil, clean it up as if it gets hot, it may catch fire!

Step 5

Allow a minute or so after adding the oil, then take the reading again. If the level is still too low, repeat the previous steps.

Step 6

Make sure you have the right oil with you! Vehicles require different sorts of oil - there is not a "universal oil" suitable for all cars - so make sure you get the right oil for your vehicle. Contact Station Garage for information.

What to do if your oil light comes on

More than 60% of people wouldn't know what to do if the oil light came on. We recommend the following if the oil light comes on:

Stop as soon as if safely possible and turn the engine off.

Park the car car on a level surface so that the oil rests in the sump as the engine cools.

Check oil level after a few minutes, using the dipstick and the method above.

If the level is too low, top up immediately - it always pays to carry a top up pack of oil in your car for just such an emergency.

Re-start the engine only once more oil has been added and given a chance to rest in the sump - if warning light stays on, turn off engine immediately and call us at Station Garage.

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