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Tyre Fitting And Wheel Balancing

Whenever we give you a quotation for new tyres, our price will always include fitting, new valves, wheel balancing and VAT! We can provide a quotation for just wheel balancing as well. The price we quote is fully inclusive and is the price you pay.

The investment we have made in the latest fitting equipment and wheel balancing machinery will ensure that your vehicle receive the highest standard and service. The latest tyre changing machines we have in our workshop will allow ultra low profile high performance tyres to be fitted without damaging your alloy wheels. The modern wheel balancer we have will ensure that you will receive a comfortable ride as well as reducing tyre wear.

Laser Wheel Alignment

Tyre life, tyre safety and your vehicles performance are affected by the vehicles wheel alignment. The tolerances set by the vehicles manufacturer are key to these points, and we believe that regular and proper maintenance will give you the best possible service from your vehicle and your tyres.

At Station Garage we believe that each time you have your tyres changed, your wheel alignment should be checked and if required, adjusted to the vehicle manufacturer's tolerances. Our four-wheel laser alignment equipment and trained technicians ensure that your tyre life, safety and your vehicle's performance are fully optimised. Phone 01428 722663 for a quote today

Puncture Repair

A flat tyre can be quickly and safely repaired while you wait. All repairs are carried out to British Standard BSAU159F. This standard requires the use of a 'mushroom plug', that not only patches the hole to prevent air lose but also fills the penetration wound to prevent further damage to your tyre's tread. This method of repair is permanent and will last for the rest of the tyre's life.

Unfortunately, not all punctured tyres can be safely repaired, due to the stringent guidelines laid down by British Standards and tyre manufacturers. If this is the case we may be able to offer you an alternative repair method or provide you with a competitive quote for a replacement tyre.

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